Saturday, April 28, 2012

Damage from Hailstorm

These are the photos of the damage the hailstorm made on our van four weeks ago when tornado touched the Dallas - Forth Worth areas. We parked our car at Park 'n Fly near the airport the 30th of March when we flew to Utah for our church's semi - annual General conference. We've found out about the tornado that hit Forney area through our family friend who happened to live in the community where we live. Our house was unharmed, but the van.

Anyway, we are so glad we have insurance company who helped fix the window. Now, it is good as it was, plus we got money ($3,000) from them to fix the dents. Not bad, hope the money would be enough.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Little Egg Hunter

In our house one of our family tradition during Easter is to boil, color/decorate and hide the eggs. We don't just buy plastic egg shells and stuff them with toys and candies, instead we do the real egg. Daddy hides the eggs and Jacob's finds them.

Of course I do the boiling of the eggs and helps decorate them. How about you? What's your family Easter tradition? Oh and one more thing, we don't buy Jacob an Easter basket and filled it with toys and chocolate for it deprived the true meaning of Easter. Plus, he couldn't care less even if we buy him one.

Monday, April 2, 2012

In Front of the Manti LDS Temple

During our trip/vacation to Utah three weeks ago, we took a lot of pictures on all the places with visited and that includes this old LDS temple. Manti Temple is one of the few of the LDs operating temple in the world. This temple is still beautiful though it is old. While there, we saw tons of LDS people went to do temple works for the living and also for the dead. It always amazes me how the work of the Lord goes forth despite trials and tribulations.

I an glad we are part of HIS marvelous works and wonders. With me is my adorable son who enjoys every visit he had on the temple.


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