Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crazy About Modern Furniture

When we were shopping for furniture for our new house, hubby and I had hard time deciding which type we want to. We were torn between modern furniture to rustic one. I am always fascinated with the later, but when I think about all our at home, we finally made up our minds; we chose the modern furniture and were very pleased with how the modern living room set looks in our house. We love it!

Above is a photo of our living room, as you can see our ottoman, recliner and side table are all modern; we love the look of it especially on black. Someday, we plan on updating the guestroom furniture and when that time comes we would get the same type of furniture for we are crazy about modern furniture and accessories, lol.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Valentine's Gifts from Hubby and Son

Hubby surprised me with an iphone on Valentine's day. It is one of my wished to have one of my own someday and he granted that wished! Honestly, I never thought that I would get this one wished so soon! I would be very happy with a simple card or flowers on this Love Day....and I could live without iphone anyway. But hey, I got it...and I feel very lucky!

Card from me to hubby and cards from hubby and son.
My simple gift for hubby.
And his Valentine's/birthday gifts for me :-); thank you so much Jacob and Pumpkin :-)!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Unique Gifts

If you are looking for a Unique wedding gift, there is a place online where you can get one. At teddy they offer wide range of cute and adorable teddy bear gift for fair price. I really like this idea for I am getting tired of traditional greeting cards as well as flowers; from get well soon, graduation to wedding they've got you covered. Visit their site now for more info. Also I like that they offer the next day delivery.

Friday, February 4, 2011

What's Up with the Moustache?

It was my sister in-law's idea to wear a moustache as we open present on Christmas day; and so we did. I am glad that my father and mother in-law agreed :-). So here we are with the moustaches, lol! it look good on Jacob, Kristin and Chance, but not to me at least! I don't like it, but was forced by hubby to wear one. Oh well, we had fun and that is what important.

Are we silly or what?


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