Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crazy About Modern Furniture

When we were shopping for furniture for our new house, hubby and I had hard time deciding which type we want to. We were torn between modern furniture to rustic one. I am always fascinated with the later, but when I think about all our at home, we finally made up our minds; we chose the modern furniture and were very pleased with how the modern living room set looks in our house. We love it!

Above is a photo of our living room, as you can see our ottoman, recliner and side table are all modern; we love the look of it especially on black. Someday, we plan on updating the guestroom furniture and when that time comes we would get the same type of furniture for we are crazy about modern furniture and accessories, lol.


  1. Hi Miss Cecile! It is nice when we go furniture shopping for our house. You have the ability to choose the stylish design which we really like. I bet you love decorating your house, Ate Cecile.

  2. I love decorating our house too :) I want the furnitures complementing each other.

    Bag-o nyo na house Ces? Kalami though Xmas pa ang motif hahaha...

  3. Umma dear, oo bag o nga balay...last year pa man kadtong photo :-).

  4. Zel, oo, ganahan jud ko mag shopping :-); nahurot lagi among tax credit, lol!



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