Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In the Cooking Mode

Today is a lazy day for me. Why? Because it's been raining like crazy for the whole day. I didn't get the chance of walking Pumpkin outside and I feel so sorry for her. I hope the weather is okay so we can walk early in the morning at the park. I did a lot of cooking today. I made Filipino foods for lunch, dinner and for our brunch tomorrow. My son loves the meal I prepare for dinner. It was a garlic spinach, eggplant with garlic and oyster sauce; and fried tofu with lime juice, onions and soy sauce for protein. He did eat rice with all of it. Anyway, below is a pork adobo with new potatoes for brunch tomorrow.

This dish happened to be the Philippine's National dish; it is easy to make and really delicious especially if you eat it with steamed rice and some veggies of your choice. On the other hand, I can't eat it with rie for I am diabetic. So, I eat it with few cubes of potatoes instead. Anyway, if you haven't tried it, you should. "cause if you don't....you are missing a lot!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Camping in Cooper Lake State Park

After church last Sunday, went home right away, ate lunch, and packed our camping stuffs up and headed to Cooper Lake State Park in Sulphur Spring. We got there before 6pm. Though the weather was a little bit warm, we set up our tent right away, ate diner and then went for a walk with our new dog, Pumpkin. It was fun because Jacob saw an armadillo for the first time while we were walking. Thank goodness, at around 10, it started to cool of and we were able to comfortably lay on our bed inside the tent. It took a good solid hour before we all finally fell asleep for the bugs were very noisy.

Anyway, above are few of the pictures I have taken during our two day camp there. We were supposed to stay there for another night, but the transplant center phoned us saying that I need to go to the hospital to have my cbc test done. Oh well, it is really hard to schedule a perfect time for a family camp. Hope next time we wouldn't encounter anything like that again.


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