Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jake's Art Work

I am running out of things to post in here, so I took pictures of some of my son's art work. Here they are...!

Do you know what his fave color is?
These three pictures below talks about senses.
Fruits are his fave snacks.
His fave of the four is the rainbow.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

They have completed my life....

This is one of those days where I don't want to do anything, but sit and watch T.V. with hubby and son. Yup, both of them are home the whole day and I am lucky. Matt is off today from work, while Jake was home because the school decided to finally closed it due to snow. I get very spoiled when hubby is home because he does the cooking, dishes and even drop Jake to school bus and pick him up as well. I am very grateful that God has given such a good man for my husband. He is exactly the one I dreamed of spending my life with and to grow grayand old . My son on the other hand is our pride and joy, the source of our happiness next to God. He never cease to amazed us with how much he learned everyday. He can be handful at times, but we love him like crazy. These men are "best" gift I ever received in my life. And with that I will forever be grateful to God. They have completed my life. Oh, how I love these men :-)!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I am Addicted to it....

I am getting addicted to watching this 1990-1995 popular T.V. show series called Northern Exposure. I really like it enough for my husband buy us the collection of it. Here is the plot of the show: Read on....

Joel Fleishman is fresh out of medical college, and fresh out of luck. Failing to read the fine print in his scholarship conditions, he finds he has no choice but to move to the remote and somewhat eccentric town of Cicely, in the wilds of Alaska. Once there, he is welcomed by the peculiar locals who are not keen to see him go, most especially Maurice Minnifield, the ex-NASA astronaut. Despite Joel's adamant denials, one gets the impression that he enjoys life in Cicely more than he admits.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Organizing the Fridge

As I put more foods inside the fridge, the space gets tigher and the harder it is for me to get something out of it when it is time for me to make meal. It was easier before because we have a freezer in the utility room, but we left it when we sold our house. So here are some tips that helped me with my fridge. Got these from
-->Ridding the Rank: The fridge is full of blind spots, shadowy places where half-eaten jars of marinara sauce go to ripen. Making the fridge more user-friendly starts with reclaiming it from its science project past. Toss out the funky, foul and forever unused.

Meaty Matters:
Meats need their space. Keeping meats separate from other foods makes good sense. Paper or plastic wrappings often leak, creating a messy and potentially unhealthy situation. Place meats on a meats-only tray to catch liquid and prevent contamination.

Preserving Produce
: Direct contact with plastic produce bags causes lettuce and parsley to go bad quickly. To preserve the life of leaf lettuce or parsley, try wrapping them in paper towels, then place them back into plastic bags and put them in the crisper. Apples release ethylene gas that can cause produce to spoil faster; store apples away from the vegetable drawer.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Erased Images...

The other night while I was checking our ph0to albums at Picawa web, I accidentally erased images from my two bogs: Life is Good Beautiful and Down Home with the Kenyons. It made me mad! And since then I have been working like crazy putting back those pictures. I am still not done and that is the reason why I hardly visit blogs, but drop EC's. If you guys have account on Pcasa web, don't you ever think of erasing pictures you have used in your blog while there or else you ended up like me losing and putting back images in your blogs which is a really pain in the butt.

Friday, January 16, 2009

How Are Your Manners Test!

You Have Good Manners 71% of the Time

Your manners are quite excellent. You are well versed in etiquette.

Of course you have the occasional slip up, but you even apologize with grace.

How Are Your Manners?

Manners are very important to me and I try my best to be better in doing it. Although my son is still small, I make sure he learns do follow it. I am not saying I am perfect, but to me manners defines who you are!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Love the Mama Mia Movie

Have you guys seen the movie Mama Mia? If not yet, you are missing a nice movie comedy movie. It is very hilarious and at the same time funny. I really like it so much that I can watch it over and over again without getting tired or bored. In fact, I already watched it three times. Yup, you heard me right. So if you are a fan of Abba and love their pop songs, then this movie is for you. You will love it am sure as much as I do :-)! Nop, was not paid to promote it; I just love it!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why is Hamburger called Hamburger where there is No Ham in it?

I've found it very interesting, so I am sharing this with you, in case you are curious. I was curious before, but after finding this fact, I was satisfied. I have been asking my husband about it, but he doesn't know the answer either, so I did some research and found the answer, obviously :-). Now, it makes sense to me! Does this make sense to you now?

During a trip to Asia in the early 1800s, a German merchant - it is said - noticed that the nomadic Tartars softened their meat by keeping it under their saddles. The motion of the horse pounded the meat to bits. The Tartars would then scrape it together and season it for eating. The idea of pounded beef found its way back to the merchant's home town of Hamburg where cooks broiled the meat and referred to it as it as Hamburg meat.

German immigrants introduced the recipe to the US. The term "hamburger" is believed to have appeared in 1834 on the menu from Delmonico's restaurant in New York but there is no surviving recipe for the meal. The first mention in print of "Hamburg steak" was made in 1884 in the Boston Evening Journal.

The honour of producing the first proper hamburger goes to Charlie Nagreen of Seymour, WI. In 1885 Nagreen introduced the American hamburger at the Outgamie County Fair in Seymour. (Seymour is recognized as the hamburger capital of the world.)

However, there is another claim to that throne. There is an account of Frank and Charles Menches who, also in 1885, went to the Hamburg, New York county fair to prepare their famous pork sausage sandwiches. But since the local meat market was out of pork sausage, they used ground beef instead. Alas, another hamburger.

The first account of serving ground meat patties on buns - taking on the look of the hamburger as we know it today - took place in 1904 at the St. Louis World Fair. But it was many years later, in 1921, that an enterprising cook from Wichita, Kansas, Walt Anderson, introduced the concept of the hamburger restaurant. He convinced financier Billy Ingram to invest $700 to create The White Castle hamburger chain. It was an instant success. The rest of the history, we might say, belongs to McDonald's.

And, no, a hamburger does not have any ham in it. Well, it's not supposed to. Hamburger meat usually is made of 70-80% beef, and fat and spices.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hubby's Birthday!

Yesterday was hubby's birthday, instead of going out for a nice dinner, we just stayed home. I made a nice dinner myself. I didn't bake a cake for him because while I was shopping, I figured out that it is better to buy a ready made one for it is cheaper. Pictures of foods will be posted in my kitchen blog!
This is Jake birthday card for Daddy...the one at the bottom was from yours truly!
Ok, can blow the candle now!
T'was the cake from Wal-mart...was so lazy to make one!
And our gifts for him :-)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Other Half's Special Day!

Tomorrow is Hubby's Birthday!
This is a special birthday wish
That comes with love to you
It brings warm and heartfelt thanks
For all the thoughtful things you do,
It also comes to let you know
You mean more to me each day
And to everyone your lives have touched
In such a loving way.

Thank you for making family such
a beautiful word. Happy Birthday!

May your birthday bring you as much happiness
As you give those who know you! myspace graphic comments

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Preparation for your Garden

Do you like gardening like I do? If so, then here are some of the winter preparations you can do. Yes, you can prepare yu r garden by following these tips.

The great outdoors may be taking a winter nap, but this is the season for gardening dreams! Now is the perfect time for you to get moving on key tasks that will enhance your spring gardens and keep indoor plants healthy now. Planning, dreaming and reflecting on hits and misses from last years’ gardens are all tasks that should be started early to make spring gardening an effortless experience.

Winter can feel like it lingers on and on, and all the more reason to think sunny thoughts with these easy suggestions for garden planning and tasks to accomplish indoors and out.

Winter can feel like it lingers on and on, and all the more reason to think sunny thoughts with these easy suggestions for garden planning and tasks to accomplish indoors and out. Start a garden journal: Record what and where you planted last year, how everything went and start recording your dreams for your spring garden.Consult the experts: Visit local garden centers, farmers or landscapers, and get a second opinion about your gardening ideas and plans.Seed catalogs: If you’re planning to try something more exotic this year, seed catalogs are the way to go.Indoor plants: Don’t forget your indoor greenery; houseplants often need some special attention in the winter too.Get soil tested: Learning more about your garden soil can be a valuable tool in planning what to plant come spring.Brush off branches: If you’re in an area that gets heavy snow be sure to gently brush off the branches of shrubs and trees in your yard.Clean your tools: Make sure everything is safe from the elements and get rid of any tools that are broken or badly damaged.

Friday, January 2, 2009

This Blog is Back on PPP Marketplace!

I was so surprised to get an email from Izea Team telling me that my blog (this blog) is back on the PayPerPost Marketplace again. It was stopped on the 3rd of December and made me sad, but happy once again that it's back. With that, I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Thanks Izea, I will do my best to maintain its content in accordance with requirements set by the administration.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

More Opening of Presents

Jacob and his cousins, Cody and his baby brother, Grant were opening presents here. As you noticed, Jacob and Cody have identical gifts from Santa; you guys know the reason why, right? Anyway, here are some of the photos, enjoy looking!

Baby Grant with his Choo-choo train from yours truly :-)...
Jake with the educational toy...

here with the identical Robot toys...

identical slinky...
another gift for Jake...
more pix with the Robots...

They have so much fun opening presents and playing with them afterwards! Too many toys and they do not know which one to play first :-)!


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