Sunday, January 18, 2009

Erased Images...

The other night while I was checking our ph0to albums at Picawa web, I accidentally erased images from my two bogs: Life is Good Beautiful and Down Home with the Kenyons. It made me mad! And since then I have been working like crazy putting back those pictures. I am still not done and that is the reason why I hardly visit blogs, but drop EC's. If you guys have account on Pcasa web, don't you ever think of erasing pictures you have used in your blog while there or else you ended up like me losing and putting back images in your blogs which is a really pain in the butt.


  1. ugh! that sounds stressful hope you recover all that pics. just visiting some of your blogs. I find all your blogs very nice and interesting.

  2. Thats one thing you shouldnt do hahaha.. once you delete it.. tapos sad ang imo na posted na images sa blog mo..

    Hope u will be able to put back all the pictures that you deleted Ces..

  3. oh no!! sounds a lot of stress with that one!!

  4. oohh... That is is so sad. I will be very careful next time I upload and check my picasa web albums.

  5. I know the feeling ate, it happened to me once and kakainis talaga..

  6. hey, how are you doing? do you have a new blog? I have a tag for you dear!!

  7. Ouch...that's not good. Wawa naman ikaw kasi you have to go through putting them back...I did that with my blog roll naman when I was messing with the template. I didn't know na di pala kasama yung blog list ko once I changed the template so I had to put them back one by one...yung iba nakalimutan ku na..

    Hopefully tapos ka na....

    Mommy J



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