Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Organizing the Fridge

As I put more foods inside the fridge, the space gets tigher and the harder it is for me to get something out of it when it is time for me to make meal. It was easier before because we have a freezer in the utility room, but we left it when we sold our house. So here are some tips that helped me with my fridge. Got these from
-->Ridding the Rank: The fridge is full of blind spots, shadowy places where half-eaten jars of marinara sauce go to ripen. Making the fridge more user-friendly starts with reclaiming it from its science project past. Toss out the funky, foul and forever unused.

Meaty Matters:
Meats need their space. Keeping meats separate from other foods makes good sense. Paper or plastic wrappings often leak, creating a messy and potentially unhealthy situation. Place meats on a meats-only tray to catch liquid and prevent contamination.

Preserving Produce
: Direct contact with plastic produce bags causes lettuce and parsley to go bad quickly. To preserve the life of leaf lettuce or parsley, try wrapping them in paper towels, then place them back into plastic bags and put them in the crisper. Apples release ethylene gas that can cause produce to spoil faster; store apples away from the vegetable drawer.


  1. Waah.. I need this.. our fridge is just like a sardines now.. I hv no time to arrange and organize it bec of Koala YL hahaha..

    Thanks for posting dear.

  2. Sa fridge naman namin ok lang,Te-- lahat yata ng veggies ko naka wrap sa paper towel.tip po for lettuce to make it more crispier: soak lettuce in water with ice for minutes then drain to take away excess water.:)

  3. Umma, pareho diay atoang fridge :-), daghan kaayo naa didto.

    katawa man ka uy, gitawag nimo, YL, Koala :-)

  4. thanks for sharing the tips about lettuce; i didn't know that.



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