Thursday, January 1, 2009

More Opening of Presents

Jacob and his cousins, Cody and his baby brother, Grant were opening presents here. As you noticed, Jacob and Cody have identical gifts from Santa; you guys know the reason why, right? Anyway, here are some of the photos, enjoy looking!

Baby Grant with his Choo-choo train from yours truly :-)...
Jake with the educational toy...

here with the identical Robot toys...

identical slinky...
another gift for Jake...
more pix with the Robots...

They have so much fun opening presents and playing with them afterwards! Too many toys and they do not know which one to play first :-)!


  1. Wow.. so much gifts.. Kids are so lucky today to have or received lots of gifts unlike us before isnt it?

  2. you are so right, umma :-), when i was a kid i was lucky to have two gifts :-)

  3. this is cute...hehhe..dami toys!

  4. hay naku dhemz, dami pa di na open galing sa bayaw ko, naku itinago ko, kay nah, dili maghilom hangtud di ma open tanan, meesy na gud dire sa balay :-)

  5. I'm sure they were overwhelmed with joy. Nice toys. Ang cute-cute naman ni Baby Grant!

    I have chosen you to receive a Lemonade award (good attitude/gratitude)- Love your blog. Pls check my blog for further instructions. Enjoy!



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