Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jake's Art Work

I am running out of things to post in here, so I took pictures of some of my son's art work. Here they are...!

Do you know what his fave color is?
These three pictures below talks about senses.
Fruits are his fave snacks.
His fave of the four is the rainbow.


  1. Hi cecile visiting here and checking out whats new. What grade is your jake now? I thought the top one are maps hehe looks like his fave color is green in there huh.

  2. shy, thanks for the visit :-); jake is at pre kindergarten pa lang .

  3. Very talented Jake!Pre-kindergarten pa lang si Jake,Te?Parang ang laking bata?!Wakaba's in Kindergarten,too-she's turning 6 on June!

  4. Jake is turning 5 this july :-)

    Kindergarten na siya this coming september!

    oo, clarissa, here is growing so fast, too!

  5. cute naman, magkakasundo sila ate ng mga anak ko hehehe

  6. Hahaha...those test results are awesome Cecile. He did a great job coloring the rainbow. Good !

  7. Actually he is still working on coloring :-); not bad right?

    He is liking coloring now, Amy and am glad for that!

  8. oo nga, magkakasundo nga sila, Rose, but i think your kids are better than Jake :-)

  9. Galing palang mag draw ni Jake mo Ces.. may pinag manahan hahaha..

  10. yup, nagmana sa ama for sure, sa akin no! i don't have any interest on drawing, maybe when i was in grade school, Umma hehehe

    he can draw, pero these pix were from school, he just colored them!

    thanks dear for the compliment:-)



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