Sunday, February 1, 2009

Done with the Bills!

At last, I am done paying bills *whew*. For some people who are not paying their bills themselves, they will think it is easy. But not for me at least. Aside from writing payments through checks, we still need to balance the checks; and that is the hard part. What a relieve for hubby not having to deal with it again. Yup, before I was thinking about why he kept complaining a lot about it. Now I know why :-)! It gives me headache, too!


  1. hahaha.. Im lucky I dont need to deal about the house bills..I volunteered but I guess hubby is more better taking care of those.. forgetful kasi ang beauty ni lola na ngayon..

    Maayo sad Ces that you are the one who take care of those bills.. kaya lang hirap man sad mag manage.. but its ok.. at least you're done for this month..

  2. Hay! I understand ako din I can relate to this :[

  3. I thought I'm the only one who's having a hard time dealing with that!whew!same here!!

  4. hehe, I volunteered too to do bills para share sa stress but hubby doesn't wan't to. haay im glad, goodluck!



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