Sunday, February 8, 2009

Step Stools, Jake's Helper!

My son's four step stools are his helper in finding food, brushing his teeth and washing his hand and also in reaching for the things he is not supposed to touch and put his hands on.

This morning when I woke up, I have found my son seating in the couch watching T.V. and eating crackers. T'was his breakfast with a glass of milk. Then, I went straightway to the kitchen and found two step stools. I didn't ask him because I figured out he used them in finding foods. He is really getting independent. My poor little man; he didn't want to bother me, so he went ahead and find something to eat. Well, crackers are not enough for breakfast, so I asked him if he is still hungry and he said "no". After half an hour, he asked for hot cereal, so I made him some and also gave him apple sauce and juice. Isn't step stools a big help or what?


  1. it sure is a big help specially for the little ones. I even need a step stool myself! hahaha.. so shorty!

  2. hahaha. until now i am using foot stool kasi maliit ako hanggang ngayon. (lol)

  3. hehhe...kakatuwa naman si Jacob....thanks sa idea te...I will get one of those..Akesha is using her chair...insted I will get one...hehhe...ubay-ubay sad diay ia stools...hehh

  4. kakaloka sad ni ang soltero nimo Ces oi! He's getting independent na miss mo man sad ang pagka dependent nyo sa imo di ba?
    Hay! kids are growing too fast.

  5. I am short as well so I always have to drag a chair around the kitchen to reach stuff!



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