Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mother My Guiding Light

Amy of Amiable Amy tagged me with this wonderful tag, a tribute to mothers. Thanks, dear for this one. I am glad I can finally write something about my mother.

I love my mother even though I didn't grow up in her care until I turned seven. My grandparents took care of me when I was still a baby because my mother suffered from what they call “ Baby Blue”. She couldn't take care of me.

Here is my beloved mother. Late last year she had a mild stroke due to her uncontrollable high blood pressure. I thanked God and her doctor for saving her life. I think it was a miracle that she didn't get any complications considering she lives most of her life with high blood pressure. She is better now except occasionally she feels weak and tired due to the side effects of the medicine she is taking.

You bet, I miss her so much wishing I was there when she was hospitalized and now that she is recovering. I talk to her and my father on the phone because I feel much better that using the internet. She will be turning 68 this May. I really admire my mother for her devotion to my father and us. Her love, sacrifice and support is unbelievable.What I am today is because of her. I love you, mother!

My only wished for her and my father is for them to live a longer life so they can come here stay with us for as long as they wanted to. But I doubt that they will stay longer than three months.


  1. HI mommy Ces..I suddenly missed my was her b-day last Feb 23 and I feel guilty coz I was not able to make a post for her..

  2. Now I know what you would look like when you turned 68. I am glad that she is still OK despite of her mild stroke and high blood pressure. If you will ever plan on bring tem here, they need to come her during spring time, to get ajusted to the weather..My mom's been here almost 6 years and still can't get used to the weather.

  3. hay naku Cecile, nakaka miss talaga noh? Pareho sila ng mother ko, 68 and may high blood...i do too...anyway, thanks for posting this tag my friend, i am sure she will be delighted that you posted something like this for her...

  4. mama is the best jud! there's nothing can compare all their hard works, efforts, and patience.. I would do everything for my mama as in...



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