Friday, February 6, 2009

What Kind of Kid Were You?

You Were an Inspired Kid

When you were a kid, you tended to see things from a unique, inventive perspective.

In class, you were either asking lots of questions or getting lost in a daydream.

You excelled at brainstorming. People were always amazed with what you came up with.

You didn't do as well with structured activities. Giving you freedom was the only way to make you shine.


  1. I guess ako yata ang pinaka-kulit sa class namin noon sa elementary!!lol!

  2. Ako pud.. super kulit din parang tomboy when I was in elementary but I changed when I went to high school.. it was a sudden transition hahaha cguro bec of crushes..

  3. hahha...ako sab te...kulit sab ko sa una...hehhe! i thought maging tomboy din ako non ..kasi lumaki ako na wala cousin na babae..ako kasi yung una granddaughter sa family..I just had cousins na babae when I am ready to grad from high school...hehhe!

  4. mahilig din talaga ako sumagot nito c: I'll try this too mare c:

  5. guys, umma, dhemz, iceah and clarissa, we all were makulit pala anoh :-), too bad we didn't meet back then or else it was a chaos and our teacher must have gone crazy :-)



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