Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Must be Lucky!

A morning bike ride with our tandem bike, a lunch at Shoney's and these gifts, thanks. Pumpkin :-). He didn't have to do these but he did anyway :-) All I want is the swivel sweep! and I got more than I have asked for..
Here all of them them together in one picture :-)
Valentines Card, chocolates and the swivel sweeper that I have been asking for a long time, finally he gave up and bought me one :-) Yehey!
A pot of miniature yellow Roses from hubby on Valentines Day! Thanks, Honey...I Love You, too!


  1. ang sweet naman ni matt love na love ka talaga niya :-)

  2. uy ka sweet ni kuya Matt...hhehehe....nahurot na nimo ang choc? ako wapa nako sugdi ug kaon...hehehhe!

    Lagi sab te ay..mas ganahan ko atong gpada ni mama sako nga flash cards..nagpalit sad ko ato te....ang cd kay pangit...hehhe..sounds ra..way pic...hahha..sige lang uy...hehhe!

  3. wow.. that's awesome! mmmmm.. chocolates, chocolates.. hehehe.. mine, haven't posted yet ATe, later I will, check it out.. hehehe.. lab yah! muahhh!

  4. Ang sweet talaga ng asawa mo,Ate Ces!! Kami,baka di na langgamin!lol!

  5. naks! kainggit!

    ok naman valentines ko ate.

    my boyfriend has been calling me everyday these days. I am worrying about the expenses he is incurring

    ang sweet. hingi nlng ako ng kisses na hersheys beh!

  6. Awww, what a sweet hubby you have. You're a lucky girl. Glad you had such a wonderful Valentine's day. Thanks so much for your sweet comments regarding my sick 4 year old. She's finally starting to feel better this morning. Yippie! Mommy can sleep now.

  7. Ces.. daghan ka na masyado chocolates.. share na sad diri sa amoha hahaha..

    You're such a lucky girl to have Matt in your life... He is a very thoughtful banana.

  8. Sweet naman ng husband mo. At ang ganda pakinggan na ur so very happy indeed! You deserve it naman, divah? ;)

  9. sweet talaga ng hubby dude mo ha c: wla nako masay c:

  10. ka sweet ani imo hubby te uy... ibog lang ko da... hehehehe.. wla man me sa mood mag celebrate sa amo valentines kay did2 me sa ako in-laws instead of having our own time and cuddling or exchanging presents... lisod man gd magpkita ug gifts in their eyes.... uummmmm will tell you more next time... hahahaha bitin!!1



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