Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nostalgia: Jake In front of Christ Statue

This picture was taken when Jacob was three year old. He was seating in front of Christus at the visitor's center in Salt Lake City. It was our first trip to my fave place in the whole world. I am being Nostalgic when I look at this and wish we could go back there someday soon. It was winter of 2008....very cold; we didn't get the chance to enjoy our visit. Next time, we will make sure that we go there on summertime when the weather in great to enjoy the whole city of Salt Lake where Mormon church headquarter is located and its neighboring city. Yup, we are members of LDS church and we are proud of it.

Anyway, for more nostalgic entries, head on to Rose's Nostalgic Marveling blog.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Nostalgic: Jake's First Time Swimming


These photos are taken during Jake's first time to enter the swimming pool. He had so much fun! Now, I am feeling nostalgic because that time, he was no fear on swimming pool. He loves water. It's different now, he is the opposite...he is scared and doesn't want to swim unless we let him hang on with our arms. That is the reason why we plan to enroll him to swimming lesson this summer. Hope he would gain his confidence back.

He was nearly 1 year old in these pictures...
and Jesse (my BIL) was with him....
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nostalgia: My Grandmother and Her Posterity

First, I would like to greet the creator of this meme "Nostalgic" Rose of Nostalgic Marveling a very Happy Birthday. May you have more candles to blow, and happiness always. Thanks for being a good friend.


I didn't join the meme last week because I couldn't find and think of something Nostalgic to share. This week, I made sure that I have something on mind that is worth sharing :-), and here it is.

In this pictures was my mother (on the left), my Lola (who passed away a little over a year ago), my son, Jake seating on my Mom's lap and of course, yours truly. Anyway, This was taken summer of 2007 when Jake and I visited my family and relatives for the first time after six years since I left Philippines to marry my ex-bf (now my husband)... and Jake's first. It was very memorable because that was the last time I saw my Lola alive. I miss her so much! I will never forget her for he took care of me when I was still a baby. Why not my mother, you asked? Because my Moms suffered from postpartum depression and couldn't take care of me. My Grandma and Grandpa stepped in to help. My Lola is a hard working person and a strict one, too! But she is the opposite of my Lola and I am spoiled with him. Would you believe if I tell you that he and I have the same birth date!? Yes, and I was so sad when he died, I was 7 year old then. I just hoped Jake met him before he passed away.

I was very closed to my Lola and that is why when she passed away, I didn't think twice, I flew over just to pay my last respect for her. She is greatly missed by her family especially her grandchildren who grew up under her care....and there are many of them including me and my youngest brother. I can still remember when I was still single living with her. Every single suitor I had became very close to her. She would always introduce me to them starting from when I was still a baby to the present and I was very embarrassed...but glad at the same time :-). Unfortunately, she and my husband never met. But am happy that she is finally happy and reunited with Lolo at last!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let's Celebrate the World Ocean Day!

While checking my emails a minute ago, one email talks about celebrating the Ocean. I get interested. I never knew that Ocean Day exists :-) till I read that email. And so here, am I sharing with you suggestions on how to join the celebration. We will try to watch the Wild Ocean and The Living Sea for we haven't seen these movies yet.

Today is a day meant to honor the ocean and all it provides—marine life, transportation, and beauty. Celebrate by having an indoor beach party (or visiting the beach if you're nearby) and then watching one of the following movies together as a family:
  • Wild Ocean (2008)
  • Finding Nemo (2003)
  • The Living Sea (1995)
  • The Little Mermaid (1989)

Oceans, by DisneyNature, is another movie that shows breathtaking footage of the ocean. It has not yet been released on video, so keep it on the list for World Oceans Day 2011.

Source: LDS Living Magazine

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Son's Friend, Mustafa

This afternoon Jake wanted to play at the playground when he heard children playing outside. I told him that he needs to check first whether his little friend, Mustafa is there. He took a look outside and excitedly said that his friend is there. Jake and Mustafa like each other so much. They love to play and ride their bikes together. Mustafa is half Muslim half Chinese. His mother is a Muslim while his father is a Chinese, but the little boy looks like a pure Chinese boy. I like her mother, too for she is a nice woman though she couldn't speak English very well. I only understand what she is trying to say through her body language. Anyway, after our sons played, she invited us over to her apartment and served us watermelon and fried chicken with french fries on the side. He cooked the chicken herself and told me it was a Chinese food. It tastes good and the fruit was also sweet. When it was time for us to go home, Mustafa cried and didn't want us to leave. He wanted Jacob to sleep over in their apartment. This little boy found a friend and a big brother in Jake. I just wished Jake could sleep there so Mustafa will stop crying.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy Blogging Again!

As I said on my Facebook, I will only blog when there's opps coming. Blog hopping/blog visit is off till am done packing and moving. But it seems like 3P's loves me so much enough to give me opps. So, here am I busy blogging again. Not complaining, just feel like I cannot stop blogging no matter what. Oh well, I need to really manage my time wisely or I won't be able to finish what needs to be done. Prioritizing is a must!

Once again, Facebooking is not included....meaning I am still visible on FaceBook :-)!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Busy as Usual!

I am overwhelmed with many things to do from packing our stuffs up to finishing paid posts. No idea which one should I do first! My brain is draining from thinking what to write, oh can somebody help? I have a hubby who doesn't care about my blogging...and that means I can't count on him when for help :-(. Oh well, I better start moving or there will be more unexpected things to do. Glad my son's school will end least I have little man to cheer me up...or maybe lend a helping little hands :-).

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pixel Bug: Spring at Dallas Arboretum

These are the beautiful flowers you'll see at Dallas Arboretum. Every year, it's our family tradition to go there to see and enjoy the beauty of God's creations. Because of its beauty, many couple choose the place for wedding, birthdays, reception, company outing and etc....the best thing about the place is that it overlooks the White Rock Lake. Anyway, I will be posting time, so keep on checking my blog; thanks once again for your visits and comments left :-). Here is my share on this week's Pixel Bug.

White Daisies...
Purple and White Daisies....


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