Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nostalgia: Jake In front of Christ Statue

This picture was taken when Jacob was three year old. He was seating in front of Christus at the visitor's center in Salt Lake City. It was our first trip to my fave place in the whole world. I am being Nostalgic when I look at this and wish we could go back there someday soon. It was winter of 2008....very cold; we didn't get the chance to enjoy our visit. Next time, we will make sure that we go there on summertime when the weather in great to enjoy the whole city of Salt Lake where Mormon church headquarter is located and its neighboring city. Yup, we are members of LDS church and we are proud of it.

Anyway, for more nostalgic entries, head on to Rose's Nostalgic Marveling blog.



  1. Hi Cecile... Oh my ang yaman ng community ninyo.. hehehe! wish to see the whole area. sana madami photos...

    mine is at On This Side of Town

  2. salt lake city is one of my dream places. hope i could visit it someday even in my dreams...ehehe.

  3. the background ng picture is beautiful.. some more pictures hehehe..

  4. More pictures daw ate oh, in deman ang salt lake city hehehe.. Hayzz kelan kaya ako makakarating dyan.

    PS.. Yup, I saw your bday greetings ate, in fact nagcomment po ako dun. Thanks ulit.

  5. Hi Ces, welcome back... I didnt know that you were moving to a new place. Is it a new house that you bought? Must be a lot of work unpacking hahaha

  6. awwww...cute kau si pa kau sya sa pic...ehehhehe...been 3 years already since our last trip to Salk Lake....:)

    btw teCes, I have a secret to tel...we are MOVING to Texas! hubby got a new jon in San Antonio....:) chances are mag meet ta puhon...ehehehe!

    miss you te...sensya na karon lang ko ka balik ha...super busy ang life man jud...tuod, musta ang inyong pag move?

    will be start packing tom...ayay! busy na naman akong life ani...:)

  7. That's a great picture. Kami eh hindi nakaka punta sa mga ganyan, aksi ang asawa ko, bukod sa tamad na mag drive, masungit pa hehehe!

  8. Christ statue I was thinking what a beautiful site if only I had my camera but it was in my luggage in the trunk. When I saw that star and all I knew I was in a magical place and it ended my trip well!

  9. Christian, What do you have to say about the Jesus Christ statue that was broken down by lightning yesterday?



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