Friday, June 18, 2010

Nostalgic: Jake's First Time Swimming


These photos are taken during Jake's first time to enter the swimming pool. He had so much fun! Now, I am feeling nostalgic because that time, he was no fear on swimming pool. He loves water. It's different now, he is the opposite...he is scared and doesn't want to swim unless we let him hang on with our arms. That is the reason why we plan to enroll him to swimming lesson this summer. Hope he would gain his confidence back.

He was nearly 1 year old in these pictures...
and Jesse (my BIL) was with him....
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  1. Wow and cute ni jake ces, how old was he when he started swimming? ganda nman

  2. waaah.. Jake is so cute, my little Koala had his first dip in the pool at that age too..

  3. awwwwwww....very nostalgic indeed...ka cute ni jake...ehehhehe!

  4. kawaii!!sobrang cute ng kuha ni Jake dito,Ate Ces!

  5. ang ganda ng kuha. sarap alalahanin ang mga first time ng mga anak natin.

  6. I'm looking for some new ideas for the 8 and under kids. something that will be fun but increase their stamina, without the ordinary back and forth. I have several but i am sure with this many people y'all can come up with something fun.



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