Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nostalgia: My Grandmother and Her Posterity

First, I would like to greet the creator of this meme "Nostalgic" Rose of Nostalgic Marveling a very Happy Birthday. May you have more candles to blow, and happiness always. Thanks for being a good friend.


I didn't join the meme last week because I couldn't find and think of something Nostalgic to share. This week, I made sure that I have something on mind that is worth sharing :-), and here it is.

In this pictures was my mother (on the left), my Lola (who passed away a little over a year ago), my son, Jake seating on my Mom's lap and of course, yours truly. Anyway, This was taken summer of 2007 when Jake and I visited my family and relatives for the first time after six years since I left Philippines to marry my ex-bf (now my husband)... and Jake's first. It was very memorable because that was the last time I saw my Lola alive. I miss her so much! I will never forget her for he took care of me when I was still a baby. Why not my mother, you asked? Because my Moms suffered from postpartum depression and couldn't take care of me. My Grandma and Grandpa stepped in to help. My Lola is a hard working person and a strict one, too! But she is the opposite of my Lola and I am spoiled with him. Would you believe if I tell you that he and I have the same birth date!? Yes, and I was so sad when he died, I was 7 year old then. I just hoped Jake met him before he passed away.

I was very closed to my Lola and that is why when she passed away, I didn't think twice, I flew over just to pay my last respect for her. She is greatly missed by her family especially her grandchildren who grew up under her care....and there are many of them including me and my youngest brother. I can still remember when I was still single living with her. Every single suitor I had became very close to her. She would always introduce me to them starting from when I was still a baby to the present and I was very embarrassed...but glad at the same time :-). Unfortunately, she and my husband never met. But am happy that she is finally happy and reunited with Lolo at last!


  1. Oh I am sorry about your Lolo and Lola ate, kakalungkot talaga pag nawawala ang mga mahal mo sa buhay. Kay LOla ka pala lumaki, no wonder love na love mo sya... As you've said, maligaya na sya ngayon with Lolo.

    Thanks for the greetings and for joining sis. Mwah!

  2. Where ever your lola right now ces, im sure she is watching over you and finally ruth and your lola are together right now in heave. Thisis worth sharing for, nakaka nostalgic talaga pag family na. e missed them so much but since we rare miles away from them, pictures will bring all the good memories.

  3. This is a Nostalgic one, Your lola is happy where you are now. I'm surely she is greatly missed by her family specially you sis!

    Have a nice day:)

  4. agoy na unsa maning akong IC dire...naputol man nuon akong comment...waaaaaaa!

    am sure happy na sila lolo and lola mo te...nagka reunited na sila sa heaven.

    parehas ta..ako pod nag dako sad ko sa akong lolo ug lola....nya close me sa akong lolo...nya strekto sad sila...maong wala ko naka uyab...ehehhee!

    gamay pa tawon si jake ani nga pic....salamat sa visit te...mwah!

  5. awwww... miss pud nako akong lola.. mao nalay buhi.. ciguro generous si lola...

    Joined Nostalgia too HERE!

  6. how nostalgic.. na miss ko bigla ang lola ko sa province na ngayon ay mid 90s na but very sharp pa memory..

  7. this is very nostalgic te ces... I always remember my lola bringing me snacks even when I was in high school. She would take a peek at the window looking for me just to hand me a piece of steamed banana. My grandma died when i was in 3rd yr high school. She is greatly missed and she was a wonderful lady.

  8. oi a very nostalgic one indeed Te Ces.. I feel you. :) I know she's happy for you too though she didn't meet your husband. I enjoyed reading your entry Te Ces.. medyo kahilakon sad ko da^.. Anyway, pareha ta wla sad ko mahuna-hunaan i-post plus ang NBA Finals natunong pa jud time nga mag-scan na unta ko pics for it.. and now is the time.. :)

    Here's My Nostalgia: Big Black Stones, Beach, Seawater and Mini-me

    See yah.. ;-)



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