Monday, July 5, 2010

Want Some Cake?

Since my son's six birthday is coming very soon, I decided to make cupcakes instead of the normal cakes. I am sure he would like to have chocolate cupcakes for that is his favorite. I noticed every time I attend a birthday party, more and more people don't care about cake anymore and so, cupcakes would be perfect for it is a small portion and guest who are on a diet would be very happy.

We all know that the summer is big on festivities. Here are some fool-proof suggestions to slice and dice the crowning piece of any party—the cake.

Dental floss: This works best for sheet cakes. Take a string of (non-flavored) dental floss, about six inches longer than the cake on each side. Push the floss through the width of cake and then the length of the cake. Continue to do so until you have as many slices as you need.

Round cakes: Cut a smaller circle in the middle of the cake. Give the outer pieces to the frosting lovers, and the inside pieces to the cake lovers.

A side of ice cream: Ice cream is a great complement to a slice of cake, but it is no fun for the person scooping it! Try this: buy a cardboard container of ice cream and leave it out to soften somewhat. Remove the packaging and cut the ice cream into slices. If the container is a cylinder, before removing the ice cream from packaging, cut it in half length-wise, so it becomes two half-circles, and then slice.


  1. So true, lols, people these days are watching their bellies. They try not to eat cakes because it has hig in caloric intake plus it overwhelmed them. Have to practice to make cupcakes too :)

  2. Do you have any favorites to share? My birthday is coming up, but I DON'T want the traditional birthday cake. I want another kind of cake, like you'd make for any other kind of event. Basically, I just need some cake recipes that you like. I'm open to pretty much anything! Thanks :)



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