Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dinner at Iron Chef Restaurant

Another one of those busy, but fun days with my in-laws during their first visit to our new how. We didn't do much but hang around the house while fixing few stuffs like placing door knobs on kitchen cabinet, hanging ceiling fans and walking around the pond near the park. I am sure everyone enjoyed our trip to the mall as well as the dinner at Iron Chef restaurant where a Japanese chef cooking our foods right in front of us. Jacob and I never seen the trick that chef did before and so we were so amazed. The food were perfectly cooked and were very good! I tell you, it was the most expensive meals we ever had with my in-laws. I felt bad because they spent over a hundred bucks excluding the tips. My hubby told me not to feel guilty for they like to treat us and that this occasion doesn't happen all the time :-); felt better much better after hearing those words of assurance :-).

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