Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our Humble Abode

Finally, I get the chance to update my blogs after a month of being away from it. These photos are the very reasons why. I am still busy, but not as much as before; therefore I have time left for my blogs...and do other things as well. Thanks for those who visited, commented and left messages on my six blogs; sure appreciate them a lot. I will do my best to visit you back as soon as I can...Have a great weekend everyone!

The front yard/view...

living room/family area...
and entertainment room at the same time...
kitchen, the heart of our home...
and our simple, but spacious dining room.


  1. how nice, spacious and so neat! well kept by a loving mom!

  2. Ganda ng house ninyo ces, i love it as in. If you need a maid hire me ha. You have such spacious, and cosy house. marunong ka talaga sa mga bahay bahay and decorating them. Very nice.



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