Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nostalgia: Jake's First Winter


Jacob was barely five months old when we went to a state park. It was winter time so it was very cold. As you can see, he is very much bundled up. He was crying because he was cold :-); then Grandma Audrey talked to him and he stopped crying. I miss my baby...now he is about to turn six and a first grader this fall! Where did the time goes? Indeed, time flies so fast and before we know it he would be in college already...wahhhh :-(.

Anyway, here is my share for this week.... I know it's been awhile since I posted my last entry. Been very busy with our move. Okay, for more Nostalgic moments, click the badge above.


  1. oh my,. he's really cute.. time flies so fast indeed.. haay, san na nga ba napunta,ang bilis lang talaga..di mo mapansin binata na si jake..

  2. Oh I thought magkaedad sina Jake at Rye, grade one na pala sya noh ate. Ang sweet naman ni Lola at napatahan si Jacob hehehe.. Rylie is so excited to go to school too. Thanks for joining at, I know how hard it is to move heheh..

  3. Wow I love Jacob car seat blanket hehe he so cute ces.

  4. kakatuwa naman ang pagka bundle up ni jake

  5. its so nice to recollect the memories from old pictures.. Super cute ni Jake sa picture ha?

  6. oh my gosh...ka cute kau ni jacob....oh how time flies....karon ulitawo na kau imong preemie te...ehehehe!

    agoy parehas jud ta te...my gosh...makabuang ning mag move...busy kau ang life...libog ko asa ko una mag unpack...maong blog hop nalang ko...eehhehehe!

    puhon pohon te mag EB ra jud ta....libog pako sa time difference dire...pati sa weather pod...ehehhee....ug adlawan kay init nya pag hapon kay mag ulan...karon gani oh kay nag ulana...waaaaaa....murag sa pinas...nya sige pa jud ug kilat dire...ehehehe...normal raba ni nga weather dire sa TX te? ehhehehe! nakalitan lang ko kay I'm used to CA weather...lol!

    salamat sa dalaw te ha....sensya na jud karon lang ko nakadalaw sa imo....:) miss yah...mwah!

    tuod, pag naa ka time...hope you can join my 2nd giveaway contest.



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