Sunday, March 6, 2011

Green Monday: State Parks

My family and I loves outdoors. We like to camp, hike, picnic, and visit state parks. Yup, we are fan of nature! One of the park we visited recently was the Cedar Hill National Park. Here we enjoyed an old farm which is part of the park. Took many pictures and just enjoyed running and playing with all the green that surrounds us (trees, grasses, and garden).

Behind us is an old windmill...
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  1. Glad to know you and your family loves outdoor. We also like outdoors...I join too.

  2. wow your place are cool looks fresh and unpolluted...

    visiting thru green, please make also a comment on my cuckoo entry

  3. lots of green! i so love green! happy green living to us!

  4. great loan! i love the greens!

    Nice photos, sis!

  5. sarap naman magtatakbo jan ate cecile ;)

  6. So refreshing and such a lovely place. Thanks for joining us. Hope you can join us again on Monday.


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  7. It's so nice and relaxing to see lots of green. Happy MM!



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