Thursday, March 10, 2011

GT: Music of My Heart

This is hubby and I favorite song by Wet Wet Wet. We both fell in love with it when we saw the movie starred by Hugh Grant titled "Love Actually."

Anyway, joining this meme once again. It's been awhile since my last entry back when Niko was still the one hosting it. Join us by clicking the badge above....Come on and have some fun!


  1. I remembered a part of the movie where they changed the lyrics to "Christmas is all around you..." hehehe. Anyways, happy GT! ^^,

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  2. I have seen the love actually, nice movie siya. kakainlove song mo diri ces

    akoa tua sa

  3. I didn't like this song when it first came out but after watching the first Hugh Grant movie it was featured (I think it was) Four Weddings and A Funeral, I loved it. Loved it even more when it was also featured in Love Actually, which I think is an all-time best movie about family and love and christmas.

  4. Hi sis visiting from GT: Music of My Heart..

    Isa ito sa national anthem ni hubby ko sis pag videoke time na hehhehe

    Nadaan at nainlove sa iyong awitin

    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

  5. love this song,girl! i think i was released in the mid 90s..

  6. Another song from the 90s! Great choice sis!

    My entry is here:

  7. haaay the dreamy hugh grant, i always remember him whenever i hear this song playing

    Have a great week girl, here's my entry for this week's GT
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  8. i cannot believe i haven't seen the movie yet! but i know your song of choice by heart. it's one of my earliest favorite songs and i still like listening to it up to now. thank you for sharing. i took quite a trip down the memory lane for a bit in there. LOL :)

    and welcome to GT again!



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