Friday, March 25, 2011

Postcards from Around the World

I love blogging. I find joy in doing it. I can express my thoughts and feelings through it. I make new friends, learn new things. Blogging even helps me be more familiar with computer techniques and more. It's been four years since A friend of mine persuaded me to start and try blogging. Since then, I have come to love it. It became a hobby that is harder to break! From two six blogs now; I don't even know how I manage to maintain all six of them. With six blogs, I became a stay at home Mom who is now earning an extra money from making paid posts. Who would have thought that I'll make money doing my hobby? I'll say, that blogging has helped me a lot!

When you blog, there are many things you can do with your blog or website. You control everything. You can write whatever you want and posts whatever pleases you and your readers. Memes are my fave things to posts for they serve as an intermediate posts for the paid posts. I love meme, too! Anyway, a new meme has just started and it is about postcards where you will have to posts a postcard of a place from anywhere in the globe. I haven't join this meme yet but is planning to. First, I need to buy postcards online where they print them in any size and theme I want to. This website offers a lot of things, too aside from postcards; they also offer business cards and more.

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