Sunday, March 13, 2011

Green Monday: My Houseplants

These are my indoor plans. Took pictures of them while they are still alive; so far they are all still alive, but the orchids :-(. For whatever reason it died on me...I did the best I could to keep it alive, but it died still. No more orchids for me now :-).

Orchids, fern, African violet, miniature roses, and aloe vera.
Forgot the name of this :-(.
Geranium, hubby's fave.
The weeping tree.
Can't remember the name of it.
And this one, too! Anyway, this is my share for GM this week. Join us by clicking the badge below.


  1. Wow green thumb ka talaga ate, my house plants doesn't look as good as yours.. Love your fern!

    Chuck e Cheese's Greens, have a lovely day!

  2. Looking good Miss Cecile. I think I can grow some plants but I am just lazy to do it. My husband is really good at it. You have a beautiful house. The plants inside gives a nice relaxing ambiance. See you again

  3. I love all your house plant ces.

    Please visit My Green Monday

  4. wow! you actually have fresh greens inside your house! that's so nice and refreshing... visiting your green monday entry!

  5. Hi sis ,

    Visiting from Green MondayEntry No. 19
    This post is really an inspiration to me.. I had long been wanting to have a garden at home...we will be moving to our new place in bulacan and I hope that I can also have this at home...

    nadaan at nakibasa.

    I am already a follower thru GFC.
    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

  6. Buti ka pa sis, ang dami mong indoor plants. magaling ka siguro magtanim. :D

  7. masarap talaga may house plants...i recall my yoville house when i used to play 48 years ago, parang forest ang looban... :D

    GM #33.

  8. ate bakit weeping tree ang tawag?

  9. indoor plants are good source of fresh air for they give out oxygen we need. before i also have indoor plants, but i cannot maintain them well due to my busy schedules, so my indoor plants became outdoor plants ahihi

  10. nice plants, ces. the orange flowers look like butterflies from a distance.

  11. @Pehpot, tawag nila weeping tree kasi magalaw mo lang nalalaglag na yung mga dahon lalo na pag di mo siya inilagay sa liwanag ng araw...ayaw kasi sa dilim eh, lol...

  12. ang gaganda naman ng mga indoor plants mo, bakit sa akin patay na lahat, walang natira..wahhhh!
    visiting thru TBE lang ate Ces.

  13. wow! pagkadaghan sa imong mga indoor plants te...very nice!

    labay ko dire kadali...I just want to greet you a Happy Birthday....:) wish you all the best!



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