Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pretty Glass Tiles in My Kitchen

When we did the renovation with our house almost three years ago, the most extensive labor we did was our kitchen. We totally opened it to make it bigger. We put new cabinetry, kitchen drawers, new sink, counter top, flooring, paints, and appliances. We also scraped the pop corn ceiling and painted it to look new. My favorite thing in our kitchen was the glass tile we put on as a black splash. It is water resistant, and the I like the rich look of it. If you are planning of some home improvement and you need glass tiles for your kitchen, and bathrooms, you better visit for they they huge selections of glass tiles and even mosaic tiles if you prefer one. Right now, they have a sale going on and if you place domestic order over $100 the shipping will be free, same thing with the UPS ground shipping.


  1. That's so interesting, I'll try to check it out one of this days.

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