Monday, April 27, 2009

Say the Right and Consoling Words!

We just recently loss our grandmother and it was very painful for us. I was very close to her since I grew up with her when I was a baby till when I was old enough to go to school... the only time I was away from her; after school days, we were reunited again. She loves each one of her grandchildren that during her funeral, almost every grandchildren said something about her. It was a unique funeral, the onlooker said. Anyway, if you are going to visit or attend a funeral and are not sure what to say, you can get help by visiting This website can help you What to say at a funeral as well as what not to say. There you will be confident not to hurt or offend the family of the deceased person. Whether you are very close or just an acquaintance, you can be sure what you are going to say will console the grieving people. Go visit their site now and learn what to and not to say during funeral, viewing or just visit the wake.

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