Friday, June 19, 2009

Gift for Hubby!

Father's Day is a couple of days away; am glad to be able to go out to buy gift for my hubby. He has been eyeing a nice and very slick shaver at Walgreens. He said it is very expensive that is why he didn't buy it. Well, surprise, surprise...I got it this morning while he was sleeping. Then my son and I ate our brunch at McDonalds. Jake played at the playplace and afterwards, we went looking for a side table at Target, but the price is shokingly high! There is no way I will pay $60 bucks for a cheap looking table. However, I saw a nice pajamas for my son and bought it. Before we finally headed home, we drove by at some yard sale at the old neighborhood where we used to live. Didn't find anything. On the way home, saw an estate sale and bought some cute knick knacks that goes with my collections. Anyway, this is how our day went today! Have a great weekends everyone!

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure your hubby is surprised with your gift to him!!Happy Father's Day to your husband,Ate Ces!!^_^



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