Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mommy Moments - That's My Dad!

This is my entry for this week's Mommy Moments with the theme about " That's My Dad".
mommy moments

We love our Dad, for he not only is a handyman, but he is also good with kids...
he takes care of me when Mommy is busy...

taught me everything I need and want to know like riding my bike, playing golf, swim, etc...

...takes us to outdoors fun like, camping, hiking, fishing...

I really had fun with our vacation at the beach... and to the island mommy and I never been to....

he make sure that we go to the park and play during his day off at work...

we never missed going to pumpkin patch to pick pumpkin for Jack-o-lantern..

and playing with the snow! My Dad is indeed great...for he loves us and gives us everything that will make us happy...most of all he is a God-fearing man who takes us to church every Sunday! We love you, Daddy...Happy Father's Day to the Best Dad in the whole wide world!


  1. I love the last pic ate hehehe.. perfect dou sila sa snow clean up... Happy Father's day to your dad Jake!

  2. hi ces. your husband is a great man. happy father's day to him!

    parang wala ito sa blog roll ko. add ko ha? sana madalaw mo din ako dito sa new site ko... thanks!

  3. oh wow! this is sweet....great father and son bonding....I can see how loving he is Ate Ces..we are very fortunate to have a husband like loving and caring...lalo na sa atong mga kids...:) thanks for sharing the photos...:)

  4. You're blessed with a God-fearing, loving and supportive husband and father to your son. Advance Happy Father's Day to him!

  5. wow, Mommy nice post with snow, great dads are hard to find.

  6. i envy you ces, be proud and thankful to God that you have a almost perfect hubby. I hope i can find mine, too in the near future.

  7. visiting your mm entry! happy father's day to your hubby!

    hope you can visit my entry too. cheers!

  8. Ahhh ka sweet sa mag ama, I love the picstures ces, nice bonding moments of father and son. Basta baby boy and daddy jud ila gusto kakuyog. mu ari lng sa atoa kung gutomon, ngita hug, ngayo kaon hehehe. Mag post sd ko entry sa ako mommy moments, na tapuls pa mn ko oi

  9. very sweet, super close siguro silang mag-ama no? your hubby really loves his family. nakktuwa kasi lagi niya kayong dinadala sa gma beaches, etc. blessed you Ces! :)

  10. I love the second pic... I really enjoy watching when daddies bond with their kids

  11. wow, great moments to cherish! thanks for sharing them with us..

  12. grabe your hubby is so close with your sweet!

    Happy Father's Day to him

    My entry is up here

    your blog is now included on my list :)

    Make or Break

  13. You're so blessed having a wonderful husband and an ideal father to Jake!!I love seeing children bonding with their fathers.Happy Father's Day to your husband,Ate Ces!!^_^



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