Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Preparing for School

In less than two weeks, school will starts; Jacob will be in Kindergarten class. 'Though he doesn't want to go to school because he misses his old school, teachers and classmates, he still likes the idea of answering the basic books for Kindergarten like practicing basic stuffs, basic Math, and Reading readiness. He he was so serious with it.

Coloring, and drawing picture is one of his fave thing to do.

I bought these books at Walgreens and he is already done with the two and is halfway done with the Math readiness.


  1. wow bilis nang araw, laki na nang jacob mo sis!

    I hope you can visit my blog of sahmo /
    rosamuth / life in palawan / istar blog / chikka blog / express liife / baby blog and pink precious

  2. Hi Cel..

    Kamusta na? Hopping here today!

    Mommy J

  3. excited for jake to go to sure he will meet lots of new friends.....:)

    ako te d nako waiting sa enrolled na jud ko...hehehe...after samo camping...klase na dayon namo....hay buhay....pano nalang ang blogging biznes nako ani...ehhehehhe...sige lang wala man pod kaau!

  4. Uy ka cute ni jake very studios mn kaayo, ready for school naman siya. Kabasa na si jake ces diba, intawn sd sa imung ulitawo nag tuon ug sayo hehehehe. what grade nman siya this opening ces?

  5. it's that time of the year again ang back to school na mga kids.

    by the way, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. have a nice weekend!

  6. Sa amin naman dito next week and start ng classes ni Wakaba.Busy na naman ang mga Mommies!!^_^



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