Saturday, April 24, 2010

French Manicure Continuation

When it comes to buying something for myself, I opt to something inexpensive. I will get the cheapest thing I could find just to save some bucks. Call me stingy, but with all the expenses we are facing on buying a house, and with only one bread winner, I try to help hubby as much as I could to contribute with our finances. So, as I mentioned with my last personal post, though I want a french manicure, I found a website that can help me achieve a nice looking fingernails without going to a salon or having a professional's help. The site offers a french manicure set for an affordable price and the instructions on how to do it yourself.

Get party perfect nails with this french manicure set. It includes all the colors you need to create that beautiful french manicure. The kit Includes: 3 Nail Polish Colors and French Manicure Stencil Stickers.

Directions: Shake the bottle and unscrew the cap. Brush excess color off at the top of the bottle. Apply your base coat of polish to nails and allow to dry. Then lay the French Manicure Stencil Stickers below the natural curve of the white part of your nails so it leaves a small width of area you can paint the White Nail Polish on so it creates a clean French Manicure line. Allow to dry and then apply a top coat to finish the look, allow top coat to fully dry. Store Polish in a cool dry area.


  1. Hello Cess! I like french manicure. feeling ko kasi sosyal hehehe and it looks good din. Have a nice day Cess!

  2. Na dili mn ko tig buy ani coz i dont put manicure sa akong luya na paa. lol

  3. I love french manicures coz they're simple!I love doing mine every weekend only.

  4. we are on the same page trying my best to help hubby to save some bucks...lalo na sa economy ngayon...ako din I prefer cheap miss nako ni nga style sa manicure te....unlike sa pinas barato ra magpa manicure...ehehhee!



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