Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sale at Sears!

A couple of days ago, hubby and I went to Sears to look for refrigerator, and washer and dryer. We found their appliances a little bit cheaper than those at Lowe's and Conn's. Yes, we need these three appliances once we move to our new house. Tomorrow, Sears will be having a sale on these appliances...where you'll get 30% off, so hubby and I decided to buy them tomorrow and have it deliver once we move. Anyway, I found this sneaker for my son for only $ is 50% off! Isn't it a deal or what!? Taken on 4/15/2010.


  1. what a deal time te, kuyog ko ug shopping nimo...ehehhehe!

    musta na ang balay ninyo te? hapit na mahuman?

  2. Wow so perfect for spring and summer walkathon hehehe. great find and deals ces.

  3. nice and for that price it is awesome!



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