Saturday, November 20, 2010

Birthdays and New Friends

Last weekend, a friend and I together with our sons went to a birthday party in Terrel. That day was also the day when Manny Pacquiao won the fight with Margarito. It was a fun fay for us since we not only met new friends, but also were able to see Manny won the fight. We, Pinoys are so proud of him. Anyway, here are some photos taken from the birthday party.

The Six birthday celebrants for the month of November. From left to right; Alda (Mesquite), Dolly (Dallas), Merlita (Forney), Elena (Terrel), Lily (Terrel), and Fina (not on the picture). We went to Fina's house where we watched Manny's victorious fight though.

Us with the birthday cakes :-).
Eating time...was so stuffed up!
A posed with Shalimar, who was standing on my right or next to me. She is also an LDS.
And this is a photo of everybody who attended the occasion. As you can see, we were all happy and stuffed. Those foods were delicious!


  1. Wow ang saya ng=aman ng kainan dyan ate hehehe.. So tagal ko ng di nakakattend ng gatherings dito hehehe

  2. Nice sa place ninyo ces. you easily find new friends to hang out at dami pa food.

  3. oh my....ka bongga jud ninyo te...ang saya-saya talaga...bat wala si hubby sa photo te? wish I live closeby...para invite ko rin sarili ko..nyahhahaa!

  4. Since my old group of friends is starting to go down in flames (people are arguing and fighting) and there really isn't much hope, I figured that I would have to start making a few new friends.



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