Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Lazy Me and The Flu Shot

It's been two weeks since my last update on this blog and I am not happy for that. I don't know what's gotten into me, but all of a sudden I became lazy with my blogs. I don't blog hop often, updates blogs as much as I should, and been hanging out with friends on FB a lot. I am pretty sure that the page rank of this particular blog would be gone down to "0" if I am lucky. I am thinking about maybe "n/a". I just couldn't think of something to write. Thank goodness, I only have 6 blogs. How much more if I have more than that! Anyway, after a couple of months...I finally had my flu shot! My left arm is a bit sore now, but it's okay...better than getting flu, right? We need to take our son to our Family Physician this month whether he likes it or not. It is better to prevent and prepare than repent and repair. Got what I mean. So friends, get your flu shots now!


  1. honestly, im having seconds thoughts of having one, or for my kiddo. since my sister had one, she's been having this different feeling whenever she have colds. its like the fever or the supposed symptoms for flu will not comeout, so she's feeling terrible without the fever and stuff. more like, it's being controlled by the shot?! not really sure but well, that's what's holding me back.

    glad to be back here! its been a while...and i miss your visits too. come see me soon ;)

  2. na mau paka te kay mana ka ug flu shot...ambot kami ani d na siguro...ehehhe!

    na ako man gani te nga panagsa lang man ko mag blog hop tawon woi...kapoy ning daghan ta ug ari-arian nga blogs...ehehehe! samot na ug wala opps dko ganahan mag blog hop...ehehehe!

  3. na maayo pka ces nakapa flu shots na, ako wala pa. kapoy na bitaw gyud ang bloghop uy. na hindi ka nag iisa ces ky labaw ko wa na sd bloghop



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