Friday, October 29, 2010

Saturday 9: Elected

1. Many of my friends have commented they cannot discuss politics with co-workers, family, friends and others without conflict rearing its ugly head. Do you feel you can talk with your family and friends about this particularly divisive election?
~~ Yes, I can...though we different opinions, we respect each other's point of views. That is how we avoid conflicts.
2. Do you know who you're voting for in next week's election? How did you decide?
~~ Nope. I didn't register to vote yet.
3. What do you think is the most important issue in next Tuesday's election?
~~ No idea.
4. Can you go a day without laughing?
~~ Nope, I love laughing.
5. Do you think that you can chose who you want to love?
~~ Yes, definitely!
6. Have you ever been on stage? For what?
~~ Yes, Choir Fest....I used to be a choir member when I was still single. Yup, we won't the contest :-).
7. Would you ever live in a different country? If yes, where?
~~ Yes. Italy.
8. Any plans for Halloween?
~~ Go trick or treating with my son.
9. The last costume that you wore, what was it and why did you choose it?
~~ Clown make kids laugh instead of being afraid.

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  1. We are in a terrible bind." A budget passed Saturday by Harrisburg's city council didn't include any funds to cover the debt payments, according to the city clerk's office.



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