Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Love My New Hairdo

The other day, hubby and I went to a hair salon in Richardson. Yup, that was the city where we used to live. It was half an hour drive from where we live now. The trip was worth it for I finally found a hair salon that I like and will do whatever I want for my hair...not to mention that we only pay $65 for the haircut, highlights, shampoo or hair wash and styling it. The other salon price for all is 75 bucks! Ten bucks difference is a lot.

Thanks Honey for pampering me...and for the yummy lunch at Thai Resto after our salon trip. I had fun or we had fun, didn't we?

This is how my hair looks now.
with the highlights and all. I am loving McDo, lol....just kidding about McDo!


  1. awwww...pampared man kau woi...nice kau imong highlights te....ganahan ko....:)d man ko ka afford anang 65 bucks...ehehehe....:)

  2. awwww ka sweet ni habibi nimu ces. i love the highlights and hair style. it suits you. Sus ako ani sge lng way kaligo ang hitsura cant afford mn ko anang 65 bucks ces uy taman rko sa 20 hehehe

  3. ooohh $65 to convert in peso is too much for a salon here hihi.. how sweet of your hubby naman.. you deserve it mommy ces!

  4. You look so young in that haircut! I love it! Jake seems to like it, too! See that smile?



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