Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My New Winter Shoes

Thanks to my many sponsored posts, I finally bought two items on my wish lists. These are the boots I bought at last month.The first one was the Skecher to be worn when we spend Christmas at my in-laws in New Mexico, and the other one from Lite Stride...for church. I love them both and mind you they didn't cost me much; paid $100 plus tax. I couldn't wait till the snow I can ear these two.

How about you? Are you excited for winter?


  1. I want to know some safe and effective methods that does not ruin my shoes and the shoes become as good as new again.

  2. Nice winter shoes sis! yung order ko wala pa, hopefully before mag snow dumating na, LOL!

  3. ayay! ang mahal naman...ehhehee..can't afford sa price te...buslot ang bulsa ko sa price tag eh...eheheh! those are comfy shoes....:)

    fall naba diha te? dire lagi kay wala pa nag change ang color sa mga leaves...hehehee..wala ko cali man jud, this time tugnaw na...dayon sige na dagas ang mga leaves...:)

  4. I love your skechers boots ces, aguy kamahal cant afford mn ko ana uy. 12 bucks ra mn kaya sa akong bulsa hehehe

  5. No, I'm not excited about winter, but I sure do like your boots! :-) I need a pair. It's still 80-plus degrees here so it doesn't seem as if we're going to have a cold winter.

  6. Wow ate, I need a pair hehehehe.. Nagtuturo ka na pala ate?



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