Monday, May 16, 2011

Camping Out In The Backyard

Last weekend, hubby and I decided to camp out in our backyard because our little one has been begging us to go camping somewhere. Since the school is not over yet, and the weather has been nice lately, we camped out this Sunday night. Our little one was very happy. We put up our tent, and cooked some hotdogs while gazing up in the sky. Last night, he wanted us to sleep outside again since the tent is still up; oh well, it was really cold last night so we told him when the temp. warms up a little bit, then we will camp again...and he understood.

Here am I, I slept in the tent by myself 'cause they wanted to sleep outside with their cots.
The little man trying to decided whether he will sleep outside or inside the tent, lol!
Never seen my hubby make faces; this was his first time and I didn't even know it till I saw this photo :-)!
Jake with his fave stuffed toy :-) front of the fire.
Our campsite :-); noticed the cots outside? Yup, that's where they slept alright!

1 comment:

  1. That is sooooo cool! Your son will treasure that memory forever. :)

    How I wish I had a backyard like that.



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