Monday, May 9, 2011

Green Monday: Jake's Art Work

These photos are inside my son's 'Pond and Bugs Bag.' They are so cute! Aside from Math, Science and English subjects, Art is one of Jake's fave thin to do. When home, he always draw stuffs, make books and so forth. As you can see, they used green construction papers.

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  1. Beautiful artworks you have there Jake, keep it up!

    My Green, would love it if you can take a peek.

  2. what a great creations. very creative man diay na imong gwapito 'cil

  3. Ang cu cute naman,galing naman ni Jake!

    and oh,wow! i so love the latest template. relaly love it!

  4. he is soo creative!..and very cute boy =)

  5. ooh, looks really nice. when my peachy makes something nice, i do make sure that it will be put on her scrap book.

    thanks for joining sis.



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