Thursday, October 22, 2009

Find Your Lost Mentors Through My Life!

With the use of modern technology such as internet, finding old friends from high school as well as long lost friends even relatives makes easier! I am amazed to find some friends I met while serving a mission for church in the southern part of the Philippines. I can not believe it; it's been 15 years since. But now, tracking them down is simple and nearly effortless as long as you know where to look for. Nowadays, there are many social networking sites, but not everyone that I lost touch with can be found in just one site, that is why I kept looking on the other sites. Thank goodness, I have found a website that allows me to search for those lost contact with as well as search for those who are searching for me! So, whether you are looking for you ex boyfriend or girlfriend, high school sweetheart, and even ancestors who are long gone before us, MyLife is there to help you! My Life helps me find my mentor who used to be my Math teacher who really believed in me. She taught me a lot of things like poverty are not a hindrance to success and that I will succeed with hard work and perseverance. Though she was my teacher, she became my friend who gave me greater sense of self-worth. How about you? Are you looking for someone you lost touch with? If so, then you better visit My Life to find that long lost friends, relatives even that mentor of yours.


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  1. hello ateCes...agi ko dre kadali te...super late nako naka dalaw kay nag error ang blogspot ganina.....

    musta na te? balik rako ugma ha...sleepy na kaau ko....!



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