Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trunk or Treat!

Last night we attended activity at church which is trunk or treat where games, foods, and fun can be enjoyed before Halloween. There was a costume contest, too! It was like a mini version of state fair where you get ticket to pay for foods, plus free foods are offer too from potluck. Kids had lots of fun and so as the adults :-)! The last part was the trunk or treat! Anyway here are the photos I took from last night.
Before heading to church for trunk or treat; here is my little pirate ready for trunk or treat.

Plinko time...

Hitting balloons...

He won second prize from his costume, the first prize was wearing a pirate costume, too!

It' trunk or treat time!

With his friend and classmate, Kylie, holding hands...trunk or treating...

with Josh, his bestfriend at church!


  1. Awwwww ka cute sa little pirate oi. Imu unta to gi drawingan ang face ces aron ma first prize, but anyhow 2nd prize is not bad at all. Congrats jake. I like his costume, for me pang first prize as in.
    I like all the pics ces, especially the holding hand one ahhhh ang cute ng smile ni jake diyan parang nahihiya hehehe nakilig ko oi unsaon nlng ang tiguwang. Hooissst sheila!!! mga bata intawn na hahahaha

    Daghan na gyud friends si jake sa. Nice activity you have in your church.

  2. ang pogi ng anak mo Cez..congratz sa pogingkoy oi..hehehe... angayan kaayo sa iya costume..hehe

  3. ar!!!ang cute naman ng Pirate mo hehehe
    Nakaktuwa talaga lalo enjoy ang lahat during the occasion. Anak ko pirate din 'te hehe

  4. oh my gosh...ka gwapo ba jud kaau sa imong ulitawo te woi..bagay na bagay man jud kaau sa iya ang pirate nga costume....

    woiiiiiii....holding hands...hehehe..ingna si jake te ako sya tease...hehehe!

    congrats won the second prize!

  5. ka cute sa costume, bagay kaayo!!

  6. trunk or treat? so it's not just trick or treat after all... hahaha! bag-o ni sa ako dah!

    btw, good looking pirate. perfect fit!

  7. Wow, Jake looked really cute in his costume, si Roan eh Venom daw, black Spiderman. Di kami naka attend ng trunk or treat kasi umattend kami ng Halloween Party, but we had a blast..Kaya ok lang,



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