Thursday, October 1, 2009

Breastfeeding, New WIC Food Program

When I gave birth to my son five years ago, I really wanted to breastfeed him because I know how important breastfeeding is and the benefit both of us will get health wise. Anyhow, based on my experienced, breastfeeding is a great option if you are able to do it, but not always the best one. When my milk dried up, I spent time with a lactation consultant, but still my son and I still had difficulties. We didn't have a choice but give him baby formula. We all know that baby formula can be expensive. A friend of mine mentioned to me once about WIC program. Although we only had one income, we didn't qualify because our income were above the income requirements for WIC. I also learned that WIC program guidance online was not flexible enough for Moms who wanted to partially breastfeed or who had difficulties breastfeeding. You can check the website why. Based on the new WIC program, they categorized the new food package into three, and these are fully breastfeeding, partially breastfeeding, and fully formula feeding mother/infant pairs; these encourages breastfeeding. The new program mandated all states, reallocates funding for all currently provided food, including infant formula, baby foods, juices, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Breastfeeding your baby will save more money and is better for your baby that is why experts and the federal government want American mothers to save money by encouraging them to breastfeed. It is the best nutritional option and it makes the economic sense; it is free and can save you up to $2,000 a year on the costs of formula. If you want to how much you can save buying store brand baby formula, test out the baby formula savings calculator.


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