Saturday, September 26, 2009

Girls Talk: Women Over Men!

This week's theme: What women can do that men cannot!

~~ Women can bear a child, breast feed and not to mention the monthly cycle!

~~ Multi-tasking is definitely hard for men (based on my experienced with hubby). Women is good on that especially at home.

~~ What is it in men asking for direction or even help? I find it hard for my hubby to ask for these things.

~~ Behind the success of man is a definitely true!

~~ Women play hard to get. 'Never call a man unless he has called you 10 times within the last 24 hours.

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  1. Was here Ces, blog visit gihapon. Mao pako mata, pero balik ko sleep after blog hopping. Still adjusting but, I am okay with my studies and work so far.

  2. weeeeeeh i love the last entry heheh :) dpat tlga 10 times?? hehheh i learned something new today heheeh

    thanks for joining this week ces!! see u next week.. lets talk about ur favorite bag naman hehe

    hugs and kisses

  3. That is sooo true. Grabe ang talent ng girl ano hehehe. Halo ces, now lng nakavisit ang lola mo day off ko from blogging last weekend. So hows your visitors nga pala, im sure you are still busy there. Say my hi to your in-laws. mwah!kisses to you and jake

  4. woooohoo..greats answers te Cel....agree agree



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