Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tidbits about Apple

Apples originated in Western Asia but are now grown in temperate climates throughout the world where there are warm days and cool nights. The different varieties of apples range in the thousands with each having its own unique color, shape, texture and flavor.

An Apple a Day

If one apple can do you good, how about a whole bushel? Take an apple-picking excursion with your family this fall and enjoy this succulent fruit to the fullest extent! Here are some tips to make your adventure “fruitful”:

Location: If you aren’t lucky enough to have your own apple trees, check out to find an orchard near you.

Picking: Apples ripen from the outside of the tree in, so choose apples from the outermost branches. Make sure they are firm and bruise-free. Don’t pull the apple straight from the tree—instead, lift up and give it a little twist.

Snacks: Orchards often sell pie, cider, and, of course, apples, but there isn’t much else available, so make sure to bring bagged lunches and drinks. For a fun snack, bring a knife to slice apples, as well as toppings and spreads like caramel and
peanut butter.

(Did you know? Two pounds of apples make one 9-inch pie.)


  1. andrea loves apple te ces... she likes to bite it and she doesn't like it if i sliced it first...

  2. Thanks for placing my advert, it's appreciated. Hope you'll swing by for a visit, the welcome mats always out.

    Apples and peanut butter, haven't thought of that in ages, thanks for reminder.


  3. My granddaughter loves apples. We were just talking about picking some yesterday. We have an orchard near by. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Not so lucky with my niece. I know it is very healthy & wish she will learn to appreciate it someday.

  5. I love apples myself, which makes this article even more useful. Thanks for the tips! []



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