Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Sweet Little Man...

This afternoon I had I terrible headache, though I promise my son that I will take him to McDonalds, he agreed not go instead. The thing is that he told me that I should see a doctor :-); and went to the bathroom wet his hands and massage my forehead with his tiny hands while asking me if I am feeling better already. After what he did, I felt much better already. Wouldn't you? I just hope he will never change; he is such a sweet little man...just like his Dad! That is why I love them so much!


  1. aawwww...sweet little man indeed c: Jacob will grow to be a gentle man like his dad c:
    My little Josh does that to me too lalo na nga pag may headache din ako c:

  2. I hope my son grows up like your Jake, sweet and loving.

  3. oh my gosh...that is too sweet of jake....kinsa jud ang d mawala ang headache ug touch man sad ta woi....hehehhehe!

    Akesha do the same thing sometimes....she will ask me....'are you ok mama"....hope they will not change no? hehehhee....:)

  4. wow ang sweet naman... i am blessed like you te ces coz if i say mama is not feeling good baby doll.. andrea always hugs me...

  5. Aren't our kids so sweet, caring and loving? Yes they are! We are blessed, indeed!

  6. Ahhh what a sweet little guy. ka very thoughtful liwat sa mommy. you guys should be proud of yourself for raising a sweet, caring,kind kid like Jacob.



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