Friday, September 11, 2009

How Can I Forget 9/11!

After being engage for a year with my fiancee' (Matt), we decided to tie a knot in the house of God. But the thing was that, we live millions of miles away from each other. He lives in Texas and I live in Malaysia. So, that means either one of us needs to travel a long way in order for our goal to happen. After much prayer and fasting, we decided that I go to where he lives and get married there. To start with, he needs to file an application for K-1 visa, which he patiently did. After six months, I got my visa and flew all the way from the other side of the world to U.S. of A. to be married with him. On the eight of September of 2001, I landed at LAX and met him there waiting. We stayed at my cousin's house in Costa Mesa, CA for three days before heading back to Texas.

On the day of our flight, we were saddened by a terrifying news about the Twin Tower in New York! Yes, that was the 9/11! The whole day that day was spent watching news on the television. As we all know, tons of our fellowmen died on the incident that forever changed the world! Many people also sacrificed a lot to help and save lives! Families lost their loved ones and friends as well. This event will forever remain in the hearts of many especially in the U.S. and around the globe. Yup, one week later, my fiancee' and I finally are sealed for all time and eternity in one of the temples of God in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


  1. it was really sad... too many lives lost on that day...

  2. Thanks for sharing your memory of 9-11. It was a sad, and unforgettable day that changed our thought process forever.

    Nice post, Cecile!

  3. wow..mao ba? terrified man gani ko naa ra sa Pinas, kaw pa kaha nga molargahay man kaha mo...cancelled flights baya dayon tua on that day...hala oyy, kulbaan man gani ako bana nga ga work lang sa airport, kamo pa kaha nga naa man diay mo flight....hayyy, makaguol baya jud dumdumon tua

  4. I can never forget the tragedy that day-- a day is after my mother's birthday.Soo sad..

  5. talaga te? sad talaga ano....:(



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