Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let Us All Drive Safely!

Everyday except weekend, I drop and pick my son off at school. I can't help but notice many parents don't buckle their kids up when they pick their kids up at school. I watch them do that everyday, to think that those kids are just pre-schoolers. I think these young kids can not buckle themselves up yet...well my son couldn't do that when he was at least three to four year old!

One more thing, there is a certain woman who is always late to drop her kids off, and because of that, she never fail to cut other cars off! In addition, she drives fast as if she in on the freeway! For crying out loud, that is a school zone! One time, she almost crash on our car when hubby was driving away from school. And today, guess what? She almost hit me, too! I just don't know what happened, but she just came out of nowhere! Hope someday she realized how bad driver she is...before it's too late!

Don't get me wrong, I am not a good driver as well, but I always make sure that my son is buckled up, and that I am always aware of the speed limit when in at school zone, residential road on top of driving the speed limit anytime anywhere to avoid accident. For some reason, there are some people who are not considerate enough for the safety of other people. They just don't realize that they are also endangering their life by doing that.


  1. Gosh, ka careless driver ba gud ana nga baye ces. maybe she needs to be reprimanded because she seems like stupid to noticed her driving. Maygani wala ka naligsan, kabayad jd ug mahal pa sa iyang own life.

  2. Distraction behind wheel is dangerous. I do not touch my phone but stay connected while mobile application reads out message for me.



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