Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Lunch at School...

I just got home from my son's school where I had a thanksgiving lunch with him. The foods were not bad at all. I like the turkey and its gravy; it was tender and juicy. Anyway, I always wonder what my son eats at school during lunch time. I was very surprised to see his tray with good balance diet; it has meat, veggie, pumpkin pie (his fave pie), a mashed potato and milk. Of course I try to serve him a healthy balance diet when home and that he can't leave the table without finishing the foods on his plate. We had fun eating together at school and I love watching him eats and enjoys his fave dessert. Tonight, we need to go back to his school for another fun activity. I was asked to bring a Filipino dessert...well, I can't think of an easy to prepare dessert than a fruit salad, and that is what I am going to bring. I am excited to see/meet some Filipino parents who will be there. My son's teacher told me it is one of the most successful activity they do every year. So, I better not miss it!


  1. it is always undeniably fun to be with kids and their activities :)

  2. Wow, nice mommy and son bonding at school. going back at grade school pala beauty natin diyan ces. hehehe Buti diyan daming filipino, you won't feel left out pag may mga activity sa school ni jake mo. Pahingi rin ng kunting salad ha, baka maubos pa dun sa school hehehe

  3. Ate Cecile, bakit di ka nag gawa ng leche plan, di ba masarapo yun..

  4. ay uu nga tama si Liz, why not leche plan? or ube? ay pero madiwara gawin un ah.. or maybe sweetened banana? with langka?

    as for my kids, naku di pedeng di nla kainin kase kung hindi magugutom sila hehe

  5. woi ka sau diay sa inyong TGD party teCes...looking forward to see the photos...ka bibo ba diay kay naa man event sila ni jake....:)



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