Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Our Way to Texas...

Finally, we are ready for our 3 days trip back to Texas. We will be leaving after lunch and hopefully will get to the hotel on time and safely. I am so tired that I couldn't even sleep; that is why am still awake at 3:48am. Anyway, I just want to say to you All, guys that I will off blogging for I don't know how long. But as soon we are settled in to our new place (apartment), I will start visiting you all! So, bye for back as soon as I can. Take care you all and have a great week everyone! Ops, and thanks for always visiting my blogs, I sure appreciate it a lot!


  1. I will be missing you ateCes....don't worry andito parin kami for you...have a safe trip Kenyons family...3 days man goodness..what a road trip...:) au-au mo te ha....:) will miss you for sure!

  2. may you have a safe trip... take care

  3. I'm back na Ate Ces--ikaw naman ang wala!^_^ Don't worry,we'll be here for you!Ingat sa biyahe!



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